How to write a law essay during exam?

First of all, it is necessary to understand that learning how to write a law essay takes a fairly long time. It is impossible to write an essay during exam without preliminary preparation, which experts would rate for a high score. Stable skills and good results appear after 2-3 months of work (approximately 15-20 written essays). It is the systematic training, purposefulness that brings high results. You need to sharpen your skills in practice with direct help and careful control of the teacher.

Choosing the topic of law essays during exam

First of all, during the exam you need to correctly allocate time. Practice shows that to write a short essay, it is necessary to allocate not less than 1-1.5 hours. It is most expedient to start writing essays after all the other tasks of the exam (if any) have been solved, since this type of work requires maximum concentration of the graduate’s efforts.

To choose the topic, do the following:

  • Carefully read all the topics suggested for the selection. Choose those topics that are understandable, i.e. – the student should clearly realize what the statement is about, what the author meant to say with this phrase. In order to remove doubts as to whether he correctly understands the topic, the graduate should reformulate his words in his own words, determining the main idea. A pupil can do it either orally or on a draft.
  • From the selected understandable statements, you must choose one topic – the one that the student knows best. It should be noted that often the examiners choose light, in their opinion, themes, but which turn out to be complicated in the disclosure of the topic because of the limited scientific and factual material on this topic. In such cases, the essay boils down to a simple presentation of the meaning of the statement in different variants and is evaluated by experts low because of a poor evidence base.
  • When choosing the topic of the essay, it is necessary to pay attention to the social science that this statement refers to. Practice shows that a number of phrases can relate directly to several sciences. For example, Goethe’s statement “A person is determined not only by natural qualities, but also by acquired ones” may belong to philosophy, social psychology, law and sociology. Accordingly, the content of the essay must differ depending on this, i.e. must correspond to this basic science.

Algorithm of writing law essay during exam

On the draft paper, the graduate makes only a plan of his essay, an approximate short outline of the meaning of the phrase, his argumentation, the points of view of the scientists, the concepts and the theoretical propositions he intends to give in his work, and also the approximate order of their arrangement one after another taking into account the semantic logic of the essay.

The student must express his personal attitude to the chosen topic in a clear manner (“I agree”, “I do not agree”, “I do not quite agree”, “I agree, but in part”).

The graduate must state his understanding of the meaning of the statement. Student explains it in his own words – what the author meant to say with this phrase. It is more expedient to do this at the very beginning of the essay.

It is necessary to approach the choice of arguments to confirm their point of view very carefully. Arguments must be convincing, grounded. The arguments are based on the data of the relevant sciences, law, historical facts, facts from public life. Arguments of a personal nature (examples from personal life) are judged the lowest, so their use as evidence is undesirable. It should be remembered that any personal example can be easily “turned” into an example from social life, from social practice, if you write about it from a third party.