Resume writing service

A resume is an essential part of job seeking process. An employer receives first impression of a job seeker by reading it, that’s why a burning issue, how to write a resume, – is topical for any applicant.

How to write a resume?

The following tips will help you understand the structure of a resume, so that an employer will be able to find all necessary information about you.

  • Write your full name, no initials allowed.
  • Contact information. Add as many contacts as you can in order to be reached as soon as possible. Leave two or more telephone numbers. Do not leave a working e-mail address.
  • Generalization. Write a few sentences proving that you are the most suitable applicant for a job. Mention your best qualities connected with a future job for instance, a work experience in this field or being fluent in several languages. This item is crucial for an employer spends at most 20 seconds on looking over a resume, so his attention has to be captured at once.
  • Competence. List you professional skills here.
  • Education. You can include your educational institution, as well as, all seminars, training courses etc.
  • Work experience. Your career path should be described in a chronological order – from the last place of work to the current one. Don’t forget about a so-called ‘SMART’ principle while describing all of your accomplishments. Everything you write has to be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time based.
  • Additional information. Your computer skills, fluency in languages, additional work experience should be mentioned here.

What shouldn’t be in a resume?

  • Deception. Lying on your resume isn’t a good idea for it is always revealed one way or another.
  • Cliché. You aim is to stand out, so try to avoid expressions that everyone uses.
  • Personal information. Marital status, numbers of children and sex don’t interest an employer. All you have to do is present your best qualities well.

When lots of people compete for a job of your dream, it is important to be noticed.  That’s where resume writing services come in handy. Professional resume writers will do their best to make your resume stand out and draw an employer’s attention immediately. A resume is a starting point in your career which your future may depend on, so make sure it is written properly and discloses all your strong sides.